Pure Hawaiian Kona Sea Salt Nigari
Pure Hawaiian Kona Sea Salt Nigari Tofu


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Kona Deep Ocean Nigari

Discover the Essence of the Ocean – Pure, Mineral-Rich Nigari for Exquisite Homemade Tofu and More

Elevate your culinary creations, especially homemade tofu, with Kona Deep Ocean Nigari, a natural product made part of our sea salt harvesting process. Sourced from the pristine, nutrient-rich depths of the Kona Sea, our Nigari not only enhances the texture of tofu with its natural coagulating properties but also imparts a cleaner, more refined taste compared to traditional coagulants like lemon juice and vinegar. This treasure trove of minerals and flavors encapsulates the essence of the deep ocean, offering a superior choice for those seeking purity and quality in their cooking.

  • Source of Purity: Extracted from the depths of the Kona Sea, where the water is free from surface pollutants and rich in natural minerals.
  • Rich in Minerals: Contains a high concentration of magnesium chloride, along with other essential trace minerals, offering a natural, healthful addition to your diet.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for making silky, smooth tofu, enhancing the flavors in cooking, or as a mineral supplement.
  • Natural Harvesting: Made naturally by solar evaporation
  • Exceptional Quality: Each batch is carefully processed to maintain the highest levels of purity and quality.
  • Free from Heavy Metals: Our Nigari is tested periodically for mineral content and Heavy Metals. Our Deep Ocean Water Source is tested and practically free of microplastics.
  • Responsible Packaging: Available in elegantly designed and reusable bottles that reflect the purity and essence of the deep sea, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen or a thoughtful gift for the gourmet enthusiast.

Taste the Deep Ocean Difference Kona Deep Ocean Nigari isn't just an ingredient; it's an experience. With its unique mineral profile, it imparts a subtly sweet and complex flavor to your dishes, distinguishing them with a gourmet touch.

Usage Tips:

  • Tofu Making: Use our Nigari to coagulate soy milk for homemade tofu that's smooth and rich in flavor.
  • Culinary Enhancer: Add a few drops to soups, broths, or sauces for an added depth of flavor and mineral goodness.
  • Health Supplement: Incorporate it into your diet or add to your drinking water as a source of essential minerals especially Magnesium.

Embrace the taste of the deep ocean with Kona Deep Ocean Nigari - where health meets flavor in every drop.

The right balance of minerals in Nigari is very important. Nigari contains mostly magnesium chloride and just a small amount of sodium chloride. It is used to make tofu from fresh soymilk in minutes. Check out our brief video on making fresh tofu at home.

Benefits of Nigari

Make Tofu & Ricotta Chese

Nigari, also known as bittern is known for being the culinary coagulant of choice for traditional tofu making. Add a small amount of liquid Nigari to your fresh soy milk for instant silken tofu. You can also add Nigari to cow's milk or goat's milk for fresh homemade ricotta cheese.

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Mineral Baths

Soaking in mineral rich water has been found to have many therapeutic benefits. Add ¼ cup to ½ cup of Nigari into a standard size bathtub for a mineral bath. Magnesium gets absorbed through the skin helps to improve circulation, alleviate stress and pain and soften skin. 


Filtered water has its perks! But what many don't know is that water filters remove the naturally occurring minerals. Add 1 drop per 1oz. of drinking water. 24 drops per large 24 oz. water flask, 8 drops for a cup of water. Nigari water helps the body burn body fat, eliminate waste material and water and remove excess salt.

Homemade Microwave Tofu

Make Tofu at Home with Nigari

Easy, Homemade Silken Tofu Recipe

Learn how to make tofu at home with liquid Nigari.


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