Salt Buying Guide

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is made from Ocean Water, it is trace mineral rich and has 50% less sodium than table salt. Each water mass has its own unique composition of minerals according to where it comes from and salt harvested from it has its unique mineral content. Our salt is hand harvested and comes from ancient deep seawaters off the Kona Coast. Our salt is naturally dried by the Hawaiian sun preserving its rich minerals such as calcium magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, and iodine.

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Hawaiian Salt

People often call ‘Alaea Salt Hawaiian Salt. ‘Alaea is a naturally occurring, mineral-rich Hawaiian volcanic clay that gives the salt a unique color and sheen imparted by its high iron content. Alaea Salt is a traditional Hawaiian product and has been valued by Hawaiian to provide extra nutrition.

Our sister company Sea Salts of Hawaii offers an assortment of ‘Alaea Salt as well as many other flavored salts.

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Table Salt

Ordinary Table Salt is 99% sodium chloride. Any trace minerals are removed from table salt
until it is pure sodium chloride which also gives it a more bitter taste. It is also often artificially coated with iodine, which started back during the Great Depression. People require less than 225 micrograms of iodine daily which is very easily provided by dark greens, fruit, eggs, dairy or seafood.

Finishing Salt

Finishing Salts are generally either crystals or flakes and usually sprinkled onto the dish right before serving it. They have a mild flavor and dissolve easily and are meant to enhance the flavor of a dish.

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First Harvest Flake Salts

Also sometimes known as Fleur de Sel (Flower of Salt), First Harvest Flake Salts are the first delicate crust that forms when sea water evaporates. The conditions have to be just right
for them to form and the name comes from the flower-like pattern in the salt crust. They have a light crunch and delicious mild taste.

Coarse Salt

Coarse Salt is generally used in grinders and have larger crystal. We recommend you use a plastic or ceramic grinder since metal will deteriorate over time when it comes in contact with salt.

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Smoked Salts

Smoked Salts will add a bold and smoky flavor to dishes. Quality Smoked Salts are
naturally cold smoked slowly as is ours and different wood types will leave a different taste. We use locally grown Kiawe Trees for our Smoked Salt, it is Hawaii’s slightly sweeter version of a Mesquite Tree and Hawaii’s choice wood for smoking and roasting our favorite foods. The first Kiawe Tree was planted
by Father Bachelot in Hawaii in 1828 with seeds grown in the Royal Garden in Paris.

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Flavored Salts

Flavored salts are salts that are mixed with various other ingredients. This often includes different peppers, herbs, citrus and chilis. 

Our sister company Sea Salts of Hawaii offers a wide assortment of flavored salts including the best selling Maui Onion flavor.

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Recommended Daily Value

One serving (1/4 tsp or 1.06 g) of Kona Sea Salt has 310 mg of Sodium or 13% of Recommended Daily Value of 2,200 mg as well as 10 mg of Calcium, 19 mg of Magnesium, 513 mg of Chloride, and 7 mg of Potassium. Ordinary Table Salt tends to have twice the amount of Sodium, 600 mg.

Kona Sea Salt Mineral Content