Grinder Hawaiian Sea Salt Set


The perfect combination! You can't go wrong with our popular 2.55-ounce Refillable Grinder and our 6-ounce Grinder Salt Refill Pouch. Our custom grinders come filled with Kona Sea Salt Grinder Salt. When you grind through your supply, just reach for the refill pouch and you're good to go! Kona Sea Salt Grinder Salt has slightly less moisture than our flake salt, while retaining all the flavor! 

100% Pure Hawaiian Salt and the only salt in the world made from the depths of 2,200 feet below the ocean surface. Kona Sea Salt has a purity you can taste. Mineral-rich deep seawater is dried naturally under the Hawaiian sun producing an exquisite gourmet finishing salt and hand harvested by our Chief Salt Maker.  Like our Medium Grind salt, it contains less sodium than ordinary table salt.

Bundle includes: 1 Sea Salt Grinder and 1 6oz Refill Pouch