AstaFactor Silver and Magnesium Bundle


Bundle includes:

  • 1 Bottle of AstaFactor Silver - 60 Softgels
  • 1 2 Fl oz Bottle of Deep Ocean Magnesium Water Drops. 

Two powerful compounds that have gained significant attention in recent years are magnesium and astaxanthin. Individually, they offer numerous benefits, but when combined, their synergy can unlock a whole new level of health support: Antioxidant protection, supporting joint health including inflammation reduction and cartilage protection, skin radiance to stress relief, improved sleep, and comprehensive muscle support.

Deep Ocean Magnesium Water Drops Ingredients: Pristine Magnesium and concentrated Deep Ocean Minerals drawn from the 900 year-old Thermohaline Circulation 2,200 feet below the surface of the Kona Sea.

Add 1 drop per 1oz. of drinking water. 24 drops per large 24 oz. water flask, 8 drops for a cup of water.