The Wild Noni of the Kona Salt Farm

The Wild Noni of the Kona Salt Farm

Aloha and welcome back to the Kona Salt Farm blog! Today, we venture beyond our precious salt crystals and into the verdant growth of our farm to talk about a remarkable plant that flourishes in our lava landscape: the Noni.

Noni, or Morinda citrifolia, is a tropical fruit-bearing tree native to Southeast Asia and Australasia. Its distinctive, knobby fruit and glossy leaves make it a notable presence on our farm, a symbol of Hawaii's lush biodiversity.

The Power-Packed Noni Fruit

Often referred to as the 'queen of health plants', Noni boasts a long list of health benefits that have been recognized by various traditional medicinal systems.

Research suggests that Noni fruit is packed with antioxidants and may have anti-inflammatory properties. Its extract has been found to support the immune system and may help to lower bad cholesterol levels. It also has potential benefits for skin health and is used topically in various natural skincare products.

The Noni fruit is particularly high in Vitamin C, enhancing immunity and fighting off free radicals. Its high fiber content supports digestion, and it also carries a significant amount of potassium, which aids heart health.

The Wild Noni of Kona Salt Farm

Growing on its own on our salt farm, the Noni trees add a touch of green to our lava landscape. We respect these trees as an integral part of our farm’s ecosystem, and they remind us of the island’s abundance.

A Gift for Our Guests

As a thank you to those who visit our farm, we invite you to pick some Noni fruit to take home. It's our way of sharing the wild, untamed health benefits that grow naturally on our land.

The most common use of Noni fruit is to make Noni juice, which is often mixed with other fruits to create a healthier and tastier drink. You can do this by allowing the fruit to fully ripen, then blending and straining it. Be aware that Noni has a strong, distinctive smell and taste which some people find unpleasant. Mixing it with other fruits can help to mask this.

Whether you choose to use it in a tropical smoothie, apply it as a natural skin treatment, or explore its healing benefits in another way, we hope the Noni fruit adds a touch of Hawaiian wellness to your day. 

Our advice: give the Noni fruit a few days to ripen until it becomes translucent and soft to the touch. Its smell is quite potent - a sign of the potent benefits it holds!

So when you next visit, stroll through our farm, breathe in the salty sea air, and check out the Noni trees. Take a moment to marvel at the diverse offerings of our land and sea, and don't forget to pick a Noni fruit or two on your way out.

Mahalo for your continued support. We look forward to welcoming you to our farm soon!