Ten things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding in Hawaii

Ten things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding in Hawaii

Hawaii is a wedding destination dream come true. Everything from lush tropical gardens, to breathtaking mountain and ocean views, to serene coastlines are popular for many planning to tie the knot here. If you are thinking of having your wedding in Hawaii, here are 10 things you should know about when planning your dream Hawaii wedding:

Weather: Familiarize yourself with local weather conditions such as temperature, wind and rain and plan accordingly. Our weather here in Hawaii is generally very pleasant but higher elevations can be chilly at night. Outdoor weddings always have an element of weather surprises.

Location: Select a venue whose ambiance lines up well with your vision, your theme, and your style. Choose your menu and beverage offerings with your location and its climate in mind. If you are fortunate to be able to see the sunset, keep the seasonal sunset times in mind when planning.

Logistics: Think of the practical aspects of planning your outdoor wedding such as parking, transporting equipment and lighting, your power requirements, water, and catering staging areas.

Guest Comfort and Services: Think of how much seating you will need to keep your guests comfortable, having shade, and restrooms. 

Décor: Choose décor that meaningfully incorporates the natural setting of your environment. Use lighting well to highlight the special features and consider the season of your event. If you are in a warm area, chose floral décor that will hold up. It will be set up a few hours before your event starts.

Insects: Here in Hawaii and being close to the ocean we are fortunate insects are usually not a problem. In more tropical settings, think of mosquitos, ants and if you have a buffet consider using tabletop fly fans to keep flies at bay. Consider having mosquito repellant available.

Sound: If you are close to other residents inform them ahead of time and be considerate of the sound level and local noise restrictions. Make sure your sound system works well for the area and guest size.

Attire: Advise your guests the wedding will be outdoors and also if the surface makes high heels challenging such as grass or sand.

Lighting: Use soft and warm lighting that makes for a pleasant ambiance. Be aware of bright or dark spots in the area. Highlight special or natural features with lighting. Think of safe lighting to guide guests to their parked cars at the end of evening.

Permitting and Regulations: Be aware of any permitting you might need including occupancy limits, noise restrictions, and fire prevention regulations. Some locations may have restrictions on photography and drone photography.

As a footnote to our own location, in regards to weather, we are very fortunate to be in an area that has low annual rainfall and typically gentle trade winds that keep us comfortable. We are at an oceanfront site that has a rustic beauty, gorgeous sunsets, and our location makes logistics easy. We have power throughout the site, restrooms, parking, a staging kitchen for caterers, and two separate suites for the wedding parties to change and relax before the event.  Click here to learn more about weddings at our Kona Salt Farm.

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