Chef Norman Berg, our salt flavorist has traveled the world and its flavors. We asked Chef Norman for 10 things he knows about salt that may not be common knowledge.

Ten things Chef Norman Knows About Cooking with Salt that you Might Not:

  1. Salt doesn’t make food just “saltier” adding a small amount enhances and brings out the natural flavor of the food. It stimulates the taste buds on the tongue making flavors more pronounced. It balances flavors in a dish, that is why chefs often add a pinch of salt to dishes that might otherwise be too sweet, sour or bitter
  2. Salt can suppress bitterness, that is why a pinch of salt is often added to green leafy vegetables like kale and brussels sprouts and even coffee.
  3. Salt enhances sweetness and flavor in desserts, that is why it is often added to caramels and chocolate
  4. Salt is used to make ice cream. Adding salt to the ice water in an ice cream maker lowers the freezing point and helps create a creamy ice cream.Salt can improve the texture of vegetables, if you add salt to the water before cooking, it can help make vegetables more tender.
  5. Salt can tenderize meat; chefs will salt meat before cooking it to draw out moisture and to break down fiber making it more tender.
  6. Salt can preserve food, inhibiting growth of bacteria and also soaking fruits and vegetables in salt water can prevent them from browning.
  7. You don’t need a lot of salt, use a tiny amount, all your tastebuds want is a little taste of it.
  8. Our Salt is 33% lower in Sodium compared to ordinary table salt.
  9. Due to the high mineral content of deep ocean water, our salt has a wonderful and mineral rich flavor profile and less sodium.
  10. Lastly, the last thing you put on your food is the first thing you will taste.
Ginger Oswald