Fresh Lemon Rosemary Salt Recipe

Fresh Lemon Rosemary Salt Recipe

Meet Chef Norman Berg - Our salt flavorist who is the mastermind behind our flavored salts sold in our Sea Salts of Hawaii product line. If you're in the market for flavored salt, Sea Salts of Hawaii blends our Pure Kona Sea Salt with various fresh herbs and spices for unique flavor pairings for every type of dish. Our best selling flavors include our Garlic, Lemon Rosemary, Hot Hawaiian Chili Pepper, Farm Fresh Herbs, and many more flavors. These flavored salts can be bought by the bottle, or in a set with beautiful packaging which is very popular for gifting.

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, Chef Norman Berg loves to infuse fresh herbs and flavors into salt for any meal. Here is Chef Norman's favorite fresh infusion recipe. Add this salt for an extra flavor boost to grilled fish, roasted chicken, potatoes, turkey and lamb. It also works great when you brush your vegetables with olive oil and add a little sprinkle of this salt for an excellent flavor.

Fresh Lemon Rosemary Salt Recipe


  • Pure Kona Sea Salt
  • Fresh Rosemary sprigs
  • Fresh Lemon Zest


  1. Combine all ingredients into a fine mesh colander
  2. Hold the colander over a bowl and use a wooden spoon or a wooden pestle to firmly mix the ingredients in the colander
  3. Be sure to smash the fresh rosemary and lemon zest into the salt to extract the oils which get infused into the salt
  4. As you mix the salt, it will begin to fill the bowl below the colander with your freshly infused sea salt
  5. Use this salt immediately on your dish, or store for future use

Don't stop at just Lemon Rosemary salt! Chef Norman uses this technique for a plethora of flavorings using fresh ingredients including herbs, garlic, citrus zest, chili and more. Use your imagination and get creative!