Easy, Homemade Microwave Silken Tofu Recipe

Easy, Homemade Microwave Silken Tofu Recipe

We know what you're thinking. Homemade tofu? What? How? Why? Trust us, it's easier than you think and it's actually quite fun!

Tofu is a popular protein source in asian cuisine and is made from soybeans. The soybeans are turned into soy milk, and from there, a coagulant is used to turned the soy milk into a solid form. There are many coagulants used today, but we like to use liquid Nigari - an all-natural and nutritious byproduct of the salt making process. Nigari is the traditional coagulant used in Japan and is the most widely used coagulant in commercial tofu making today. 

Aside from making tofu, Nigari is a popular nutritional supplement. It contains primarily magnesium chloride; however, has many other trace minerals essential to the human body. In Japan, many put nigari in their daily tea and water for health benefits.

There are many ways to make and enjoy tofu, but we really enjoy this simple microwave tofu recipe. This recipe will make a small single serving of tofu in a bowl, that can be dressed up with your favorite garnishes.

Easy, Homemade Microwave Silken Tofu Recipe:

Serving Size: 1 small bowl of tofu


  • 1/2 cup of fresh soy milk (see important note below)
  • 1/4 tsp liquid Nigari
  • Garnishes of your choosing (soy sauce, green onions, furikake, chili oil, wasabi, etc...)

*Important Note: this recipe requires fresh soy milk. You can find fresh soy milk at many asian marts or a local tofu maker. Not sure where to find it? No problem! Here's our recipe for making fresh soy milk at home with soy beans.


  1. Pour soymilk into a microwave safe small bowl
  2. Warm soymilk in the microwave for 1:10 minutes
  3. Remove from microwave and briefly stir in Nigari. Be careful not to stir too much, or your tofu won't form correctly.
  4. Let the tofu cool on the counter for 10 minutes to solidify
  5. For a firmer tofu, place the bowl in the fridge until chilled
  6. Garnish your tofu with your favorite toppings and enjoy with a spoon

We want to hear about your tofu making! Tell us your favorite way to enjoy your homemade tofu in the comments below. Don't forget to tag your tofu photos with #konaseasalt for a chance to be featured!